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Home-buying tips : 7 things to look for

home buying

When searching for your new home you most likely have your own criteria: how many bedrooms, the size, the price… But they are less obvious factors to look for when making the big decision to buy your home. These seemingly small things can impact the way you experience your house on a daily basis.

Here are 7 things to look for when buying a house.

Home-buying tips

1- Amount of natural light: this can make a big difference on the way you feel in your house. The more natural light you can get the better. When you have your eyes on a few houses make sure to visit them again at a different time of the day to see how the light is.

2- The house orientation: this will impact how much natural light the house gets. A south exposure will get the maximum light.

3- Interior layout: walk through the house and imagine yourself living your daily life to see if the layout suits you. Is it easy? Does it flow well?

4- Size of rooms: make sure to bring a measuring tape and take measurements of your furniture to make sure it will fit.

5- Number of bathrooms: make sure you have enough bathrooms to meet your family’s need. Adding a bathrooms can be expensive.

6- Heating and and cooling systems: if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures make sure the heating and cooling system is good is essential.

7- Investigate the neighborhood: explore the neighborhood based on your requirements for your house location. Is the school close for your children to walk to or bike to? Are they businesses close by? How is traffic like next to the home?

And you? Is there anything else you wished you had a better look at before purchasing your home?


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