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Week Of May 15 On The French Riviera

Week of May 15 Festival de Cannes

Week of May 15

Happy Monday!

Sun is coming back to Saint-Tropez and this week promises to be a warm one. With summer around the corner more and more events are happening in and around the famous village of Saint-Tropez. Here in a new weekly article I will give you an overview of the main events going on that week on the French Riviera.

The week of May 15 will see many exciting things happening all along the coast.


The main event this week in Saint-Tropez is the traditional Bravade starting on May 16 and ending May 18. The Bravade is a tradition that has been held for more than 450 years and commemorate the victory of the Tropezian militia against Barbary pirates and celebrate the town’ patron Saint Torpes of Pisa. It is both a religious and military celebration. During the 3-day celebration the militias in costumes parade around the village and fire their muskets. The people of the village follow the parade wearing Provençal costume. It is an event close to the heart of Tropezians and not to be missed. For more information about the event and a schedule of the activities visit the Saint-Tropez website.

On Saturday May 20 is the night at the museums. Every year museums across Europe opens to the public at night with often special activities and shows. For information about what is happing in Saint-Tropez visit this link.


The big event this week on the French Riviera is of course the 70th Cannes Film Festival opening on Wednesday May 17. If you are one of the lucky one to have a badge and invitation then enjoy the screenings of the wonderful films presented. But you can also go and have fun at the festival without a badge. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Go for a nice stroll on The Croisette and try to spot celebrities
  • Arrive at the red carpet early and see the famous Montée des Marches by stars
  • At night hang out at the Petit Majestic Bar where there is always a good crowd and cheap drinks
  • Just enjoy the atmosphere of this grand International Film Festival

For more information regarding movie screenings and the schedule visit the Festival’s website.

If you are visiting the French Riviera this week you will have plenty of things to do. And the weather is suppose to be sunny all week so don’t forget your swimsuit for a relaxing sun bath on the Pamplonne beaches in Saint-Tropez. And don’t forget to visit our property page for all of your real estate needs. Have a great week!

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